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Asked a question 4 months ago

Help!? I don't want to fight nature however I have two pest issues: First I have bees and european wasps that I do need to get rid of. Both have set up shop in areas that are inaccessible to access the queen. I have spoken to a beekeeper who says if I can't access the queen I won't be able to relocate the bees, and the wasps are just dangerous. As much as I hate the idea the only way to deal with them is getting sprayed. Argh.. suggestions? Second issue is three privet trees that keep re-sprouting after being cut down. Here is Sydney they are a declared noxious weed with birds/bats eating the fruit and dropping seed into nature areas where they are quick growing and crowd out the native vegetation. As quickly as I cut them they re-sprout. I also want to plant other things where these tree stumps are located. Again local advice is to cut and paint with poison immediately, I'm not sure if trying to burn the stump would work or just invigorate them!! If you have successfully dealt with either of these issues I'd love to hear from you, Jacqui

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Asked a question 4 months ago
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