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Yearlong Course Discussion
Yearlong Course Discussion
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Trilleum updated a month ago

Week 48: Contemplating farm-scale, and forestry vs gardening

With the definition of "farm-scale" as anything above an acre, my own project falls into this category a couple dozen times over. Despite this, it doesn't feel like a "big farm" at all to me. I think this is mainly... (More)

Jennifer liked 6 days ago

Class 2

I had just one question of the 2’the class if i may be so rude to ask you.

when they talk about the drawing:

Step 3: Then, play with drawing it out. Don't worry about drawing maps to scale or... (More)

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Week 4: permaculture principles

By reading through tha principles, I found some difficult to understand. Maybe someone can give me a practicle examples for this one:

Practical Design Considerations:

  • The systems we construct should last as long as possible, and take least maintenance.
  • These... (More)

Week 40 (ecovillages): many of my neighbors have been into this sort of thing for decades...

In a way, I've kind of won the location lottery in terms of the community attributes that the course has been talking about for the past couple weeks. My immediate community more than doubled in population when a bunch of... (More)