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Jennifer liked 11 days ago

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Faithmary followed 9 hours ago
Hi my name is Janine. I live in North Wales UK. There are a list of reasons/journeys how I’ve ended here and on this course. But I think from a learning perspective I have also worked in the social care/health/education field. Long story short I became very unwell. And have other skills I’m compelled to use or combine with my personal ethics and life/work experience. I’m in the process of setting up a charity I’m keen to expand my learning and horizons that fits with me :) looking forward
Mandy liked 2 days ago
Hi my name is Gregoryia (Greg). I am excited to learn, I really want my backyard to look as organic as possible. Part of the journey for me will be “deprograming “ . I’m ready and excited. In Georgia, USA