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Welcome to the NEW #freepermaculture community forum!

We're just launching, so you're one of the first folks at the party! Please join and share some resources--help us make this an amazing space.

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Have fun! 

Make a group for your local project, your online learning community--whatever you want! Please be advised that groups that are abandoned for 90 days or more will be deleted.

Please enroll in the course before you join the Yearlong Course Discussion Group. Thanks!

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My husband and I are seniors. We moved to an unimproved property last year and started from scratch developing a garden. We are fortunate to have fruit trees that we have added to. We first got exposed to permaculture at... (More)
Triston liked 2 days ago

starting on a new-to-me peri-urban lot

Hi, I'm based in regional north-eastern Victoria, Australia.

I'm chronically ill and disabled, which mainly for me means that everything (studying, building things etc) takes longer. Resting is my key priority to maintain any semblance of functionality!

I just this... (More)